Wed. Dec 6th, 2023
A big whale moved 330 Btc to bitfinex exchange 🚨 | Jasmy coin is green

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00:27 anyways let’s get right on to it
00:29 um so Bitcoin is back under 29 excuse me
00:32 right below 30k
00:33 ethereum is a theorem is at about I
00:35 think about 1900 or right below 1900 uh
00:38 so it’s holding up pretty good
00:40 um I read this article on coinbase
00:42 because I like to keep up with the news
00:44 um that a big Bitcoin whale sent 330
00:48 Million worth of BTC to another say it’s
00:51 called bit I guess it’s called bitfinex
00:53 yeah it’s called biffinx 333 excuse me
00:57 330 Million worth of BTC he sent it to
01:01 another saying so that’s a lot of that’s
01:02 a shitload of money and he’s obviously a
01:05 they say he’s the 14th largest uh well
01:08 in Bitcoin so they say he controlled
01:10 about 1.2 billion worth of bitcoin so I
01:14 don’t know if that’s consider that
01:15 market manipulation I don’t know but
01:16 they said that he sent that amount right
01:19 before
01:20 right before Bitcoin dropped below 30k
01:23 yeah right before drop it dropped below
01:26 30k right back to 29k it that’s what he
01:29 I guess that’s what happened
01:32 yeah so he probably most likely this big
01:34 will you know has something to do with
01:36 Bitcoin going below 30k but I already
01:38 expected Bitcoin to to pull back but one
01:41 thing I’ve noticed that Bitcoin has him
01:43 pulled back below it hasn’t pulled back
01:45 to 28k yet ever since it went over 30k
01:47 it hasn’t gone back down to 28k which is
01:50 you know which is a um a good thing it’s
01:53 been holding up pretty good at 29k 29
01:55 30k
01:56 and so yeah I think from there like I
01:58 said that’s going to be the new load it
02:00 could possibly pull back to 28k I
02:02 wouldn’t put it behind me but you know I
02:04 think that’ll be the new low and uh you
02:07 know ethereum is holding up pretty good
02:08 going between 1800 to 1900. and of
02:12 course uh Jasmine corn we’re at right
02:14 now we’re at point zero zero uh where I
02:16 put we we kind of pulled back we
02:18 actually pulled back the 0.0059 and then
02:20 we pull back up the point zero zero six
02:22 two and I think right now Jasmine coin
02:24 is at 0.0061 right now we’re actually in
02:27 the green right now we’re actually up
02:28 one point five or six percent which is
02:30 pretty good we’re holding up pretty good
02:32 like I said I’ve seen Jazz Bitcoin pump
02:35 before without Bitcoin even moving you
02:38 know without Bitcoin pumping I’ve seen
02:39 the Jasmine coin you know pun pretty
02:41 good ones that one time was you know
02:43 months back when it moved like 45 you
02:46 know that was months back that was a
02:48 pretty good pump
02:49 uh but yeah um I haven’t found out any
02:51 more new news what’s going on in the
02:53 crypto Market but you know the same
02:55 thing that’s going on everybody who’s
02:56 holding the bag on our Jazz meet where
02:59 um
03:01 um
03:02 everybody’s holding the bag you know
03:03 pretty much like I said before all we
03:05 have to do is just sit back and wait and
03:08 you know just wait on our crypto Bull
03:09 Run we we’ve pretty much already done
03:11 our part you know if I get a chance you
03:14 know
03:15 um
03:15 I’m possibly gonna maybe maybe I’ll go
03:18 ahead and buy a little bit more Jasmine
03:19 as well but uh but where I’m at now
03:23 um
03:24 uh I was gonna say if if we pull back
03:27 into the early 50s
03:29 if we pull back until like maybe the mid
03:31 50s
03:32 we’ll see
03:34 um I’m thinking about going ahead and
03:35 pick up some more Jasmine but as of
03:37 right now I’m done picking up more
03:38 Jasmine’s right now I I hit my goal and
03:42 but if we do do see a nice pullback you
03:44 know maybe even a dip I’m definitely
03:46 going to pick up some more well hey why
03:47 not hurt it wouldn’t hurt but but I
03:50 highly believe now you know we started
03:51 our crypto board I think we’re just
03:53 gonna go up from now
03:54 um honestly I don’t even see us going
03:56 back into the .0040s you know it could
03:59 be possible I could be wrong but I don’t
04:00 see us going back in the 40s I could see
04:02 us dipping back down into the maybe
04:04 earlier mid 50s before these I I don’t
04:06 know I just don’t see us going back down
04:07 that low again but like I said you know
04:09 you guys can comment below let me know
04:11 but uh I think from here I think we’re
04:13 going to be going back up going up from
04:15 here to like mid 60s you know late 60s
04:18 you know that’s just my opinion I could
04:20 be wrong
04:21 uh but anyways yeah that’s what’s going
04:24 on
04:25 um
04:25 uh as far as the stock market the stock
04:27 market
04:28 um
04:29 it started off in a green and then it
04:31 then it closed in the red you know some
04:33 stocks some stocks were in green the
04:35 stock market has been choppy afterwards
04:37 but I’ve noticed the crypto Market you
04:38 know we’re not even following the stock
04:40 market no more a lot of people’s pulling
04:42 their money out of there they’re going
04:43 into Bitcoin and crypto they see they
04:45 see what their future is you know as the
04:47 dollar continue to crumble
04:49 uh you know this is this is this is
04:51 starting to unravel thing stuff is
04:52 moving real fast
04:54 you know stuff is moving real fast
04:57 um but yeah hey I’m going to get out
04:59 here I’m about to head out to the gym
05:00 but hey I will see you guys in the um
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