Thu. Dec 7th, 2023
New Cosmos Airdrops: Quicksilver, Stride, Axelar, Neutron

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00:00 guess who’s back back again all coins
00:03 back to love friend lesson chance
00:06 Oakland’s Market rallying Bitcoin
00:09 sitting at thirty thousand four hundred
00:10 dollars strong for 20. Wow anyways
00:13 keeping that aside I’m here to talk
00:15 about three air drops plus one the last
00:18 one Neutron I talk about Neutron and
00:20 give you an overview and I also
00:22 mentioned how they do not welcome United
00:24 States citizens however there’s an ad
00:26 drop and I’m yet to find the link but
00:29 I’m gonna provide some value some
00:30 details in case you want to get around
00:32 use VPN do whatever although I’m not
00:34 suggesting you do so they clearly said
00:36 not to do any Shady tactics or whatever
00:37 but I’ll leave that to you I’m here to
00:40 just provide some details and that’s
00:41 about it all right so without wasting
00:42 time Number One Quicksilver stock is
00:45 airdrop the air drop to the stargaz
00:46 community was completed on March 29 2023
00:49 eligible addresses received qck tokens
00:51 through their Quicksilver Network
00:52 address if your staking Stargate Stars
00:54 token you should already have qck token
00:57 on your wallet right now got sent to you
00:59 directly all right and coming up next
01:01 the cosmo sub and region Network
01:02 communities will receive qca drops later
01:04 this year so if you’re staking region
01:06 Network or if you were involved with any
01:08 other Cosmos stuff all right you
01:10 probably will receive more address so
01:11 check your wallet keep an eye on it so
01:12 listen Jenn’s desk quick silver number
01:14 one number two stride I talked about
01:17 stride previously and matter of fact
01:19 stride is mooning wow it was sitting at
01:22 about 90 something cents 95 cents on 4th
01:25 of April just earlier this month but
01:27 right now I’m sitting at 2.50 cents but
01:29 like I said things move real quick in
01:30 crypto so you gotta keep an eye on it
01:32 right and talked about it talk about the
01:34 liquid staking derivatives and Etc and
01:37 I’ve seen quite a bunch of involvement
01:38 with other projects collaboration and
01:41 stuff hence I see why it’s performing
01:43 this way and on the other side obviously
01:45 the market is rallying so all right so
01:47 take it with a grain of salt all right
01:48 so this is dried this is the second
01:50 round well first round for Emos but if
01:53 you see Adam’s Acres round three Juno
01:55 stakers round three Stars tickets round
01:57 three then we have a round one for emo
01:59 stakers all right this is new if you’re
02:01 taking any one of these to connect your
02:03 wallet and you’ll be able to get it and
02:05 then you can stake do whatever you want
02:06 to do all right so number three XLR
02:09 unfortunately I don’t qualify for this
02:10 I’m not eligible but you may be so feel
02:13 free to check it out osmosis Builders
02:14 airdrop will take a snapshot of passed
02:16 on sections to reward hexler and osmosis
02:18 committees the supported cross chain
02:19 liquidity by securely bridging assets
02:21 trust losses this happened last year
02:23 about a year ago right bridged over 100
02:25 million dollars eligibility summary
02:27 program window April 14 2003 to April
02:30 28th All right so two more weeks left
02:32 eligible addresses osmosis addresses
02:34 that bridge and LP the eligible assets I
02:36 didn’t do so so I don’t qualify all
02:38 right the details are here
02:39 straightforward each address will
02:41 receive a fixed payment of 500 XLR wow
02:43 that’s pretty decent that’s about 200 or
02:45 300 if I’m not wrong so if you have
02:47 played with this then connect your
02:49 wallet then and it’ll tell you if you’re
02:51 eligible all right so hope you’re
02:53 eligible enjoy the air drops so number
02:55 one we had Quicksilver number two stride
02:58 number three axlr and number four my
03:01 least favorite because they don’t
03:03 welcome United citizens but actually I
03:05 like the project because it looks decent
03:07 and that is Neutron place and gents I
03:09 talk about Neutron and uh well if you
03:12 head over to their Twitter page they’ve
03:14 got a bunch of stuff going on Asset
03:16 Management on Neutron Apollo Dao which
03:17 was on Terra Luna then there’s Mars that
03:20 was also on Terra Luna Apollo excels
03:22 native Asset Management offering Auto
03:23 compounding etc etc this is the most
03:26 important one which you need to pay
03:27 attention to all right so calling all
03:29 customers have validators a final
03:30 Neutron org rehearsal will take place on
03:33 Tuesday 18th of April this is the last
03:35 test before initiating the consumer
03:37 chain onboarding process with a
03:38 successful rehearsal The on-chain
03:40 Proposal is expected to go live next
03:42 week they kindly asked Cosmo salvaders
03:44 to access the verified channel for
03:45 validators on the cosmos Discord server
03:46 in the cosmos of Discord relatives will
03:48 be able to coordinate for the upcoming
03:49 Neutron rehearsal on Tuesday April the
03:51 actual economic zone is coming the final
03:54 test that will pave the way to the
03:55 onboarding process of neutron starting
03:57 with the on-chin proposal so ladies and
03:58 gents I feel or I believe belief once
04:01 this takes off that’s when I’ll be able
04:03 to find more about the airdrop because
04:05 it’s not out yet there’s no link and if
04:07 there is a link and I’m not well I can
04:10 see it maybe if you know it just let me
04:12 know in the comments all right and
04:14 someone asked me before I end this
04:15 someone asked me uh in the previous
04:16 video put a comment hey man so how are
04:20 you getting Neutron well I’m not maybe I
04:22 will I’m not doing it because not
04:25 because they said I can’t all right I
04:27 don’t care who says what I can what I
04:28 can’t all right that’s on me I need to
04:31 wait and see what what’s happening in
04:33 the space a lot more because there’s a
04:34 lot of things happening if you look at
04:36 the chart here right it’s been a while
04:37 the watch list look at Cosmos atom
04:39 sitting at 12 or 80 cents then there’s
04:42 some other tokens here which I don’t
04:43 want to mention right now and get you
04:45 overwhelmed because sure if you look at
04:47 if you remember GMX on Arbitron matter
04:51 of fact arbitrum itself is doing very
04:52 decent right now if you look at arbitrum
04:54 they came out they released their token
04:56 not too long ago there are a bunch of
04:57 other tokens here which I actually plan
04:59 on covering down the road beside Cosmos
05:01 ecosystem of force tell several others
05:03 just on my list and if you have been
05:05 following a journey you know I have a
05:07 list on this the watch list and uh keep
05:09 adding to this removing if I see
05:11 something wrong and that’s about it all
05:13 right so sure don’t ape into any one of
05:16 these matter of fact it helps to keep an
05:18 eye on most of them just to see how they
05:20 perform and every time you see a huge
05:22 bump or a dip find out what’s actually
05:25 happening because it’s a lot of
05:27 manipulation tokenomics VC dumb pumps I
05:30 don’t know man there’s a lot of things
05:31 going on all right so anyways don’t want
05:33 to waste time it’s Sunday all right go
05:35 ahead have a good day good evening go
05:37 claim your air drops and um stay
05:39 motivated all right do amazing stuff
05:42 don’t go against humanity and I’ll see
05:44 in the next video

4. No link (sh**ty)

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