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ASMR Car mukbang | Conspiracy Theories | 🇺🇸 Dollar value | COVID 19 | Black Paramore | Crypto

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00:00 hold on because where are my manners do
00:02 y’all want to bite here see I’m over
00:04 here being rude dude I want to bite
00:13 [Music]
00:18 what’s up YouTube Welcome or welcome
00:20 back to my channel my name is Alexis if
00:22 you already know and as you can tell by
00:23 the title today today I’m going to be
00:25 doing a muffin I’ve never I don’t think
00:29 I’ve ever done a mukbang on my channel
00:30 yeah I don’t think I ever have so I’m
00:33 gonna be doing a bug bang I’m gonna I’m
00:34 gonna be eating and we might do Hot Talk
00:37 Hot Topics but at the same time already
00:40 have in mind what I want to talk to you
00:41 about because I need y’all’s opinion I
00:43 need y’all’s take on it like for real
00:45 okay I know I’m being loud hold up so we
00:49 finna get into it but before we get into
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00:55 like about the end of it and we’re gonna
00:56 get into it okay so boom y’all the first
00:59 thing that I want to talk about
01:03 so I was on uh what’s her name I was on
01:06 amaretta’s tick tock
01:09 live I’m sorry I’m being loud y’all but
01:13 I’m gonna I’m gonna read this Tick Tock
01:15 live uh yesterday and I for one I’ve
01:18 been seeing the post all over social
01:19 media like oh the American dollar is
01:23 about to go you know you know basically
01:26 be worth nothing this isn’t this and I’m
01:28 just like oh snap I’ve been seeing it
01:30 everywhere and so then when she got on
01:33 her live she was basically like somebody
01:35 asked her the question like how does she
01:37 feel about it and she was like you know
01:38 I ain’t worried about it like it is what
01:41 it is America is gonna figure it out you
01:43 know and that’s real stuff like it’s
01:46 like I don’t know if I’m ready has a
01:47 relationship with God or anything like
01:49 that or even the people that are
01:51 actually like worried about it here’s my
01:53 sandwich y’all I love schlauskis or
01:55 whatever I think I’m saying it right but
01:58 literally what can you do like even
02:02 other like countries and stuff like that
02:03 when they like I don’t know if it went
02:06 down or if it’s been stayed down like
02:07 because I don’t like look into stuff
02:09 like that but
02:25 when other countries
02:27 have issues like this and stuff like
02:29 that what can you do
02:31 we don’t control it and stuff like that
02:33 so whether it does go down or whatever
02:35 like my opinion is
02:38 whether it stays the same or goes down
02:40 whatever the case may be like we’re
02:42 going to have to figure it out and if
02:44 this is like a part of the world ending
02:46 like if you’re a believer in Christ and
02:48 stuff like that you just got to go with
02:50 the flow you got to trust in God that he
02:52 will give us the wisdom too
02:54 carry on through like all the stuff
02:56 that’s probably about to happen
02:58 you gotta trust God
03:02 is my camera moving up or has it been
03:04 like that this whole time hold up
03:07 so yeah so it’s just like um
03:09 [Music]
03:13 so Amaretto was on there and she was
03:14 just like you know it is what it is like
03:16 we really cannot worry about it we
03:18 cannot stress about it I got some ranch
03:20 y’all we can’t stress about it because
03:23 like literally what can you do and when
03:25 they always give you a pickle and stuff
03:27 like that
03:28 um like what can you do for real
03:31 um so I want to know y’all’s opinions in
03:32 the comments on that like for real
03:48 okay so boom and another thing that I
03:50 want y’all’s opinions on is do y’all
03:52 think that like okay so you know the
03:56 little headsets where you can go into
03:57 like a different like I think they call
04:00 it like a metaverse or whatever the case
04:01 may be I think those should have came
04:04 out back when we were doing like weeds
04:06 and stuff I feel like that would have
04:08 got more people’s attention which
04:10 I I already know like the true intention
04:13 I feel like I know the true intentions
04:14 behind stuff like that but um I feel
04:18 like stuff like that could have came out
04:20 back when we was like everybody was
04:22 teenagers we was playing wheeze
04:24 everybody was on it because it was like
04:26 a fun thing to do to be in a different
04:28 reality or whatever the case may be
04:30 okay
04:32 and so now that the government or
04:35 whoever’s creating this type of
04:37 Technology isn’t getting the reaction
04:39 that they want they’re trying to
04:41 incorporate it in like school systems
04:44 and have the kids do it and have like
04:46 you know firefighters use it because
04:48 this and that or whatever the case may
04:51 be and it’s just like
04:53 I think that’s part of a bigger reason
04:56 too
05:00 um
05:05 I’ll be loving these sandwiches y’all
05:08 um but yeah
05:23 y’all like I’m freaking starving
05:26 um
05:43 what I think like okay so how I feel
05:45 about it
05:47 it’s like people are too like I ain’t
05:50 gonna say too smart for their own good
05:51 because I think being brilliant is
05:53 freaking dope but
05:56 I feel like people are going to use it
05:58 to conquer the world like
06:00 um
06:06 or at least try to
06:10 folks attention
06:12 um intentions behind creating all this
06:15 amazing brilliant stuff it’s like Wicked
06:18 you know and just like the guy who got
06:22 killed for from like cash app or
06:24 whatever like what was the reason and
06:25 all these crypto people like dying like
06:28 because they’re turning into
06:29 billionaires overnight and stuff like
06:31 that that’s weird to me like that is so
06:34 weird
06:35 I did not mean to dip this in that red
06:39 um
06:41 uh
06:43 um
06:44 but yeah
06:45 um
06:49 let me know in the comments what
06:51 conspiracy theories y’all be believing
06:53 oh and then okay so I posted a tick tock
06:56 if you go through my um if you go to my
06:59 reels on my YouTube I posted it on here
07:01 too but it was like uh black people
07:04 what’s a white song that gets you turned
07:07 up like when you hear it it turns you up
07:08 or whatever and I played a song by
07:11 Paramore right because we used to like
07:12 really be bopping why did I do it again
07:16 I ain’t paying attention but yeah
07:22 um
07:25 pickles dipped in ranch no ma’am but
07:28 yeah so
07:31 basically the thing with the Paramore
07:32 thing is apparently
07:34 a Paramore is like a Christian right and
07:37 usually Rockstar music is for the other
07:39 side right and so black people when we
07:42 was growing up and stuff like that we
07:44 all heard it when we was basically
07:45 teenage majors and stuff we could tell
07:48 like we could like kind of sense it in
07:50 our spirit that Paramore was not you
07:54 know out there like that and that’s why
07:55 we mess with that it’s also heavy and
07:57 that’s why we loved it because I truly
07:58 cannot think of a time where I was just
08:02 like oh let since I heard this Paramore
08:04 song Let me listen to other rock songs
08:06 it was never that it never gave that and
08:09 so I feel like it’s something to that in
08:12 like I don’t know if I remember I’ll try
08:14 to like link the article below or
08:15 whatever but I I thought like somebody
08:17 commented under my comment was just like
08:19 there’s a reason why you love all black
08:21 people love Paramore and that was the
08:23 reason apparently I think that’s true
08:25 though because we could tell y’all
08:29 people in this generation try are trying
08:31 to ignore it like especially like the
08:33 famous rappers and stuff like that being
08:34 mad weird mad weird okay
08:38 it’s just like people are purposely
08:40 trying to ignore it oh he’s just doing
08:42 it because he’s creative no no
08:45 but yeah
09:00 but anyways okay so let’s rewind back to
09:03 the dollar thing
09:05 um yeah life’s gonna get hard I really
09:07 need to learn how to uh grow my own
09:09 Garden for real put me a garden
09:12 somewhere look where no one else can
09:14 find it or something we don’t have to do
09:15 something because
09:17 stop finna get serious and even like the
09:19 prices and everything which is weird
09:21 like I feel like they’re taking
09:22 advantage of that
09:27 covered situation
09:33 the covet situation was staged
09:37 period just like Ebola like stuff like
09:40 that don’t come and go like they I feel
09:42 like there’s a switch that literally
09:44 turns stuff like that off like come on
09:45 now
09:56 hold on because where are my manners do
09:58 y’all want to bite him see I’m over here
10:01 being rude do you want to buy it oh okay
10:03 but yeah so
10:06 yeah we just got up trusting God at the
10:09 end of the day and that’s that’s all I
10:10 really got to say about it but anyways
10:13 y’all
10:14 that wraps up this video I hope you guys
10:15 enjoyed it let me know in the comments
10:17 what conspiracy theory theories y’all
10:19 believe in
10:21 because
10:22 people is weird people are strange
10:24 especially these technology people like
10:26 they’re just so smart and it’s crazy
10:29 but we gotta keep we got to keep it
10:33 moving we gotta keep living life We
10:35 Can’t Stop like we just gotta go but let
10:38 me know in the comments what y’all think
10:40 be sure to subscribe to my channel give
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10:43 it if you want me to do more videos like
10:45 this let me know and I will see you guys
10:46 in the next video

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